Update – Wow are we glad we didn’t move to the new software yet, 3 days they have been on and off many companies suffering lots of issues when trying to migrate. We 100% made the right choice to wait till at least after the weekend!

We have now made some updates in our database back-end on our servers and it has improved the speed of the system on mag and formuler boxes drastically.

You may notice there are a lot of companies down currently and fully offline and some online with very few channels running, This is because a lot of companies panic’ed under the pressure and switched as fast as possible, which in turn caused many headaches for the few other companies who offer the software like xtream codes.

On the current setup we can continue to run as normal for now for at least 1 month as we are not 100% sure when our server will try to check our licence with xtream codes (we have stopped it from trying to do this) but as the software was beta none of our licences have expired in the past.

The only things we cannot do is add vod however im working on how this is added at the moment so i can see if its possible to add direct.

Live Events will be up as normal this weekend and are already listed for customers.