We have been monitoring the groups with a lot of the other providers who have been installing the new software and it looks like there are many bugs.

1) No import of Vod or TV Series at all (meaning all who have migrated have lost this so far) (which would be a huge loss for us)
2) No load balancing options (the ability to send customers to a quieter server when one is busy)
3) No RTMP (this is a vital part of our network lots of channels used on a saturday require this) without it these channels are unobtainable.
4) Lots of bugs and i mean lots of bugs.
5) The new software providers servers keep going down!
6) Lots of different devices wont connect (mag322 mag351 / formuler z8)
7) Extremely high CPU usage on servers (as only running mysql and not mariadb)

In light of this we have been working on a backend script so that we can continue to keep our network up online and running and admin it ourselves direct from our own scripts.

We will continue to monitor the situation and hope these bugs are resolved asap before we attempt to upgrade.

We have decided with the VOD because this is a huge undertaking and task to even add a small amount we will not add any more until we can migrate to a different platform.