Dear all customers at around 10.30 pm (i dont want to do it earlier as not to effect customers who are currently watching) we are bringing in mysql expert who is going to make some changes to the configuration of the new software to help with the amount of requests our network is getting.

Just to give you some ideas

One of our domains did 3,103,368 requests so far today, another 4,513,166, and our new domain has had over 6,854,337 requests since we put it live this afternoon and that is only today, we do this daily.

What we do is not easy, as we ourselves would like to sit down and watch some tv as we have been working on trying to find a solution for 3 weeks.

I know some of you are pissed off, and some have blocked boxes but we knew this was going to happen as nothing ever goes perfect especially when its not something that is done very often however it cant be helped at the end of the day as most companies are in the same situation since the software every one used got shut down.

I will be continuing to work on this situation until it is resolved.