To All Customers, Some customers were able to get back online by clearing the cache / DNS on there boxes.

Some customers are still having issues loading the portal because of a activation code, WE are working on removing and re adding all the customers who are not back on yet this will take some time but we have member of staff now dedicated doing this we have roughly 2700 mac codes to do this with, so im sure you can appreciate the task at hand is very big.

We are now working on resolving the tv guide 2 hour out issue, and the sync issue.

ONCE we have resolved these we will then get on with The NON UK channels and add back any missing stuff that is back online with the other companies as there is no point adding back dead channels (this is why we only imported some that where already updated and online)

We will then start to work on the video club and update all of the latest shows, our OLD data is stored on one of our other servers which as soon as it is possible to migrate them across to our new software we will.

Same for catchup this will take us some time to add back as it doesn’t work the same way as our old software used to, it now has to record to the server that the Chanel is playing on where as before we had a dedicated server for this. We hope to have catchup restarted early next week depending on how the rest of the work goes, and how quickly the data center can update our servers hard disks.

There will be problems over the next week however this cant be helped, and had to be done as from what i am told today lots of xtream codes servers have been turned off so we were just in time migrating all customers to the new software.

Things take time it is not a easy task for us, As we have always said if your not happy please contact us and we will gladly issue a refund for the remainder of your service, however please take note every company is having similar issues however we are one of the only ones who have kept our system online and running while a lot of companies where down.