Sunday Update


Sunday Update

We have been working to get all customers mac codes removed and re added to the system to fix the activation code issue.

If you have sent your mac code your device should now be working, if not please forward your mac code / box model to our email

Tomorrow we will work on resolving some more channel issues and start to add back the latest items into the VOD.

We have spoke to the Data centre this evening regarding the upgrade of our servers for bigger storage (as this is required now) for our catch-up and they have advised us Wednesday / Thursday so hopefully all been well we should have this back up late next week.

We are waiting for the new software company to give us the go ahead to import our old VOD library from the old software this will be in the next week.

Once we are ready we will put a post out so all customers can request the show they are watching / currently want to watch and prioritise getting these on the system.

We thank all our customers for your continued patience and rest assured once we have everything dialled in you will love it much more than the old software.