Update on service


Update on service

Ok, So whats happening. Most customers with the activation code from migration issue that we had are mostly back on our staff are still working on quite a few at the moment though so please give it a few more hours till you resend your mac code if not back on.

The other issue we had this morning is MYSQL crashed, for some reason the software apache2 is keeping connections open and causing the system to lockup, we are working on resolving the issue, please understand i will get it fully working it just takes time and lots of configuration changes with xtream codes they where tweaking there software every couple of weeks with updates and remember they had 5000 other companies using there software so saw many problems and issues day in day out with different configurations.

This is why a few got the activation code this morning as when mysql is down it cant connect to our database to verify your account, which is why the portal loaded but couldnt do anything, and just gives you the activation code.

In the best part we have confirmed that syncing issues are due to channels not been transcoded this is because we are our own source (i watched england last night on my formuler in SD, and FHD on my Smart TV) and both ran without a glitch, We actually had probably the most ever single users on 1 server EVER more than triple the amount of our usual which means if i can resolve the issue above with mysql and our awesome team can get every one re added who needs to be removed and re added this system will absolutely be the best thing you have ever used.

I will add transcoding to the HD channels at some point today to bring them back on for the formuler boxes.

If you are having sync issues (not on a formuler) please report them in a email as i haven’t had chance to go over all channels and fully check yet.

We have started adding USA back, as some have already noticed and i will have my other staff start working tomorrow on Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, and all currently listed channels on the system. Also Live Events Will be back.

We understand this can be quite frustrating for customers as im sure you can also understand this is extremely frustrating for us, We have been working nearly 18 to 20 hour plus days since 3 weeks ago so a lot of the team are burnt out so i ask you to be patient with them also but we will continue on because thats what we do.

The issue that we are facing is something that no one could forsee with xtream codes been shut down and the whole industry is up in arms right now, Servers down, channels down, customers been left high and dry.

We will never let our customers down and we will always strive to do what we do best and deliver you the best tv experience possible.