Catchup has now been enabled on all UK Channels for 7 Days.

BE AWARE — If the clocks mess the tv guide up on Monday we will have to flush and reset the catch up, IF We do we will loose any recordings that have started from now, once we are happy it is working good we will upgrade the archive to 14 days.

VOD – This is now been updated as you will see 12 new pages have been added.

TV Series – there is no function in the new software to add them, HOWEVER, it is possible but very time consuming and can be added directly into the database (i have been testing tonight) All been well i should be able to start updating these at a decent speed tomorrow, however there is over 400 shows to update with around 5000 episodes so it will take some time.

Adult Channels – Now reactivated default pin 0000

NON UK Channels – We are working over these, we have already brought back online some other countries and will bring more back online tomorrow.