– Catchup
As expected the tv guide is now 1 hour out due to the clock changes, we will flush / clear the archive and re load the guide tomorrow Monday to fix this issue.

– Portal Slow down (taking a while to switch pages)
We have identified a issue been caused by cloudflare meaning when a large amount of customers are online and trying to change channels in some cases the portal can go slow (or get stuck loading the page) We have already identified the fault as NGINX rate limiting and because of how clouduflare works we will resolve it in the morning as to not cause any disruptions to services.

If this happens go back to the main menu give it 30 seconds and go back into the channel list.


We had some customers report freezing on VOD upon checking we had the same issue (especially on higher bitrate), this is been caused by the RW speeds on the hard disks and sheer amount of customers trying to catch-up on there favourite movies, We will split the VOD over 2 servers again tomorrow and this will fully resolve this issue.

So all is well some very small issues but very simple fixes, we will resolve all the issues tomorrow morning to not cause any disruption to viewing today.