Today we have updated France, Australia, Caribbean, Movie-Pix added (own Category) Regional USA Channels, Ru5h Sports – To see the updated categorys you maybe need to reboot your box / disconnect / reconnect on the formuler in the mytvonline app. – also new added Argentina

We are waiting for Arabic, PK, IND, and some other countries suppliers still to come back online. We are also looking for a new source for these countries to speed it up.

We would like to remind customers that we are still updating the VOD & TV Shows once we have fully caught up we will go back over any files that are faulty or need replacing for a different version, so please make a note and when we are ready we will do them all in 1 big hit.

— Sat downlink & Catchup
We was delayed yesterday bringing online our new downlink server due to cabling issues, they have told us that they will have this resolved today, However this has worked in our favor as they are going to bring this server online along side our current servers meaning there will be no downtime on the channels and we can switch them across without issue, once we change this server this will resolve all catchup and looping issues.