– Updates

We have now updated, Brazil, Latin America, Pakistan, Religion, New Added Mexico & Philippines channels.

— TV Series
We have almost caught up with this now tomorrow or the next day we will put a post out to request any broken / missing episodes from the tv series.

— Catchup

We are still having major issues with catchup we have tried absolutely everything and still the channels reboot causing the loop. We are working with the the data center to try some other solutions however at the moment we haven’t made any progression on this even though we have tried several different down link servers and streaming servers We hope to find the solution and root cause of this issue asap. Because of the software we use it is still encrypted as the new software is only a admin area to control the old xtream codes software (which is a old version) so our options for fixing the software are very limited, so we have to hope we can find a solution server side without changing anything in the software.