Updates –

I have just made some small changes to our catchup server around 7.20pm ish including a restart of the server.
I have now enabled all channels back recording including HD so i will continue to monitor it to ensure it stays stable and records correctly now going forward.

We have now added transcoding to all channels, We have lowered the quality on some HD channels while we ensure the catchup server is recording correctly, Once we are happy with the stability of the catchup server we will up the HD channel speed from 4mb back to 8mb gradually over the next few days, We have lowered the quality on SD channels to run on 1.5mb internet speeds this will help customers on poor internet networks / slow internet.

Good news on this one, because we are now using a custom transcoding software we are now able to pass the subtitles through for the live tv channels that come from our downlinks so subtitles will be available on them channels.

TV Shows & Movies
As you can see this is now in full swing, we are still waiting for a update on our script to bring the tv shows to the top but all shows are still updating, if you search for it you will see its updated and find the latest episoide.

Next week we will start allowing requests again.