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Any customer having issues please contact us and can provide a solution

Please note the system is running slow at the minute due to the 1000s of customers reconnecting after the maintenance, please allow some time when loading Channel category / scrolling pages and loading channels.


Please note between 3am GMT and 5am GMT the service will not be accessible as we are upgrading the storage drives in our main server from SSD to NVME drives to improve performance as we are noticing a slow down on the system this evening as there is more customers online now that every one…
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For Customers who get freezing issues. If you get freezing issues you must do the following. When on the Main Menu Of the portal, Scroll right till you see settings, Click settings, Scroll down to Advanced settings, click it, then the very top option PRE BUFFER press right till this bar is full then save.…
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Today we have been working on fixing some more of the channels that needed transcoding and most are done now. We are still working on some and will continue to monitor them as some will more than likely need tweaking. We have been updating our non uk channels so some from the countries will work…
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Remember that hurdle, We are almost over it now. Stressful Morning, Awesome Afternoon, and late evening 😉 USA – Most Back On Now, Transcoding added to some HD FTA (Fix’s sync issue) Transcoding added to some SD FTA New Chanel’s Added Movie-Pix (Under Movies) – Some will work others not as the supplier is just…
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Update on service

Ok, So whats happening. Most customers with the activation code from migration issue that we had are mostly back on our staff are still working on quite a few at the moment though so please give it a few more hours till you resend your mac code if not back on. The other issue we…
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Sunday Update

We have been working to get all customers mac codes removed and re added to the system to fix the activation code issue. If you have sent your mac code your device should now be working, if not please forward your mac code / box model to our email Tomorrow we will work on resolving…
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To All Customers, Some customers were able to get back online by clearing the cache / DNS on there boxes. Some customers are still having issues loading the portal because of a activation code, WE are working on removing and re adding all the customers who are not back on yet this will take some…
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The Sync / Freezing Some customers are experiencing is because one of our servers is at maximum capacity, We will wait till later this evening and update our load balance settings to ensure the load is spread more evenly across our network.