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What is the PIN for Adult?

We leave the PIN at the mag default of 0000, some boxes are simply one 0

How many boxes can be used on a subscription?

You can use 1x Mag box and 1x m3u link (this includes 1 connection in the same house separate to the mag. This can be used on IPTV Smarters, web browser and phones/tablets.

Can I use more than 1 mag box?

We offer the second mag at half price provided it is located in the same location.

I have changed my mind, can I get a refund?

We offer a full refund within 7 days. Please always get a trial first to make sure it is what you want and that it works for you.

Can I use Smartiptv?

Due to how unreliable the app is we offer no support for this app.

I am getting buffering/freezing?

Buffering and Freezing can be caused by many things but we will cover the basics.

Before reporting a problem to us please run the following application or website on your laptop / phone or tablet.

Download the application "Nperf" from the Play or apple store or visit there website http://www.nperf.com

Once you have the application installed run the test, Our network has several paramiters that your internet connection "MUST" meet.

For standard Definition channels you require a minimum of 3mb,
For High Definiton You need 6mb and for FULL High Definition you need 11mb.

There are also other factors to take into account, Your Ping and jitter must also be as low as possible. Jitter is also known as PDV (Packet Delay Variation) and effects IPTV Massivly.
Your jitter should always only ever be up to 10ms anything above 40ms is bad and will cause freezing.

If you meet all of the above requirements, we would now look at how the box is connected to the internet router,

Is it connected on WIFI? Hardwired with a cable, If hardwired try a different ethernet cable, IF wifi check nothing is blocking the WIFI Signal (as even a human can block a wifi signal because our bodies are made up of water).

All this is fine what else can i try,

The next stage we would advise to power your router off for 5 minutes from the mains, this allows the router to reset and reconnect to your ISP and also helps to flush the DNS.

There are many factors when streaming, just because you can Play Youtube or netflix or you can browse the website doesnt mean your internet is working correctly,
When you connect to certain servers / certain networks / Certain websites you may not always take the same route to get the data, so in some cases it maybe not even your internet but a Datacenter or provider inbetween us and you.

IF the above dont fix the issue then we would advise you contact us via tickets with a copy of your speedtest results, and the above information.

Will this ever be available in the UK?

Unfortunately no.

Do you offer 4k Content?

Yes we have many movies/tv shows in 4 and 4k live football when available.

Why does 4k content have sound but no video?

Please check you are using a 4k mag box like the 351 or android box that supports 4k. The mag 254,322,256, 250 do not support 4k

Do you support/recommend using a VPN?

Most of the time it is not required although we recommend using a VPN.

My mag Box is not coming back on when the tv is turned on?

With some versions of LG TV´s and Samsung TV´s we have clients who come back to there mag box and when they power the tv back on the mag box flashes on the screen then goes off, and the only way to get the box back on is to unplug it from the mains.

The solution to fix this problem is to turn off "HDMI Event Reaction" in the settings.

When your box is loaded into our Portal, scroll across to Settings, Then scroll down to Advanced Settings.

On the Page there will be a setting that says

HDMI Event Reaction and this will be set on something like 5 or 10, Change this setting to ignore and then save and reboot the box.

This will resolve this issue and stop the box from turning off when the tv is turned on.